Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Conferencing In Kananaskis

Earlier this spring (if you can actually call it that) Chrissy and I had the opportunity to attend a conference together for the first time in years. Conferences hold a special place in our relationship as it was at a Go Expo Conference/Trade Show years ago where we were stuck in a booth together and the real flirtation between us occurred. This of course is my secret with women...stick them in an uncomfortable situation with me for an extended amount of time and I 'infect' them with my personality like a virus. And once I am in, they are hooked. They have yet to develop an anti-Stuart antibiotic.

Our shared event was the Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) 2014 Conference. Chrissy and I were both representing our respective levels of government and I was even asked to speak on a panel. I'm guessing their previous 128 most desirable speakers had already declined.

Aside from the chance to re-connect with colleagues and learn new skills we were excited at the opportunity to visit Kananaskis. Chrissy has been to the area many times staying at the expansive Delta Hotel but for me it was my first time. So when we weren't in sessions we were enjoying the great locale.

Our few days together in the mountains was probably one of the most enjoyable work experience I could imagine.

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