Sunday, November 17, 2013

Movember Edmonton - 2013 Curling Bonspiel

This year marks my 6th year participating in Movember and my 5th Movember curling bonspiel. Every year the bonspiel keeps getting bigger and better. Unfortunately though that popularity left me with no room to play on any teams this year. So instead I tagged along with some buddies 'coaching' one team and documented the curling shenanigans of Chrissy and her team.

I like to take pictures of people shooting just to capture their form.

A large component of the event is the team costumes and generally ugly outfits. My buddy Chris brings out his blindingly bright yellow sweater every year as it remains a crowd favorite.

Other highlights this year included a team in one piece animal costumes and Amy's puppy dog shirt.

In between games we got some Pilsner in us and discussed strategy as one the 'Flying Eagles' advanced to the A Final and the 'Foster's Heros" stunk up the consolation rounds.

Much to the chagrin of the fans The Flying Eagles were demolished in the finals. The only consolation for Jenny and Parker was that Adam and the Flying Eagles made the playoffs as opposed to their Oilers.....burn!

Chrissy's team didn't fare well through the day. I got the feeling though that most of the them didn't really care too much.

So ended the first Movember Bonspiel for us as man and wife.

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