Saturday, October 26, 2013

Summer and Fall 2013

The forecast calls for snow tomorrow. No better time to post pictures of the summer and fall that have just past.

This year a lot of our time got taken up with wedding planning so it wasn't as jam-packed as years prior. Moments not included elsewhere on the blog include:

Chrissy at the Devonian Gardens

Super Saturday on Whyte Ave

Super Saturday robots building an audience for a music video

The great gams of Dragonette at K Days

Carnival food

Chrissy's care package to me for my stag

Waiting for my ride to begin the stag

Mundare ball tournament. We went 0 for 3.

My bat got hot in playoffs and our team won our slo-pitch league

Drinks with the hotness at Sherlock Holmes

Watching Kevin and  the Centaurs win the Northern Alberta Rugby Championship

Bringing in the garden

Setting up the bird feeders for the coming winter

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