Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Athabasca Golf and Country Club

Not too long ago Chrissy and I decided to get out of Edmonton and take a short road trip.

After debating all the options we decided to head north to the Town of Athabasca. For some time we have heard about how great their golf course was and this was the deciding criteria that pushed it over and above the other towns/villages in the area.

With a premium tee time reserved we plugged in a couple podcasts (BBC Drama of the Week & BBC In Our Time) and shipped out for the Athabasca Golf and Country Club. The drive went fast as the countryside views continued to improve as we got closer to our destination. Arriving a head of time we  put back a couple of burgers and 'pops' at the top notch golf course restaurant and we attacked the first tee.


The course was in great shape and had some pretty interesting feature holes.

The weather seemed a bit schizophrenic as it would drizzle on us for a few minutes, sending us scurrying to our cart; and then out of nowhere the sun would shine down extremely hot and bright.

We both really enjoyed ourselves and I would have to rank the course as my new favourite in all of Alberta. It reminded me very much of my former 'home' course and my all time favourite Greenhills Golf Resort in Greenwater SK. It was the perfect amount of scenery, wildlife and difficulty.

After the game we took a sightseeing tour through the town. It was my first time in Athabasca and I was thoroughly impressed. The river is the predominant feature and for our visit the water was high and moving fast.

I particularly liked the old bridge and the outdoor theatre downtown.

As we were leaving the town towards Chrissy's brothers place near Boyle I noticed that Athabasca had a Red Apple store. As I haven't seen a Red Apple store for some time (my hometown Humboldt used to have one) I made a big deal out of it. Christina was completely unfamiliar with the brand so she insisted that we go in after I made such a commotion. I think she ended up quite confused by my enthusiasm.

Note the spiffy new logo
Our trip was pretty fantastic. As we both liked the golf course so much I am sure that we will be back soon.

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