Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Super Auntie Chrissy

As we were in Saskatoon for Christmas this year Chrissy missed out on the opportunity to give and receive presents with her family. But as she is such a special girl - her family held off and had personal opening 'parties' just for her and I.

First was presents from her: Mom, Grandparents, and Aunties.
When Chrissy opened up the package from her Auntie Joyce containing the solar powered waving Queen Elizabeth II doll she let out a dignified and royal, "Fuck Yes". Both her mother and I were quite shocked. It was possibly the happiest I have ever seen Chrissy receiving a gift (including my diamond ring that she now sports on her left hand).

The royal wave has special meaning as it is/was one of her trademarks. She mastered it and became known for it when she worked 'behind the glass' at the Shaw Conference Centre. Still...what a weirdo.

Quite the hall!

The next stop at Chrissy's brothers place the focus was much less on my own dignified queen but on her niece Gabriella (Gabby). Chrissy thought she had the best gift ever for Gabby, a Princess Castle, but was worried whether she would actually like it. You could cut the tension with a purple knife.

 After some undignified assembling (I had plumber crack and was nearly mooning everyone) the Princess checked out her new castle.
And then left out the window.

Chrissy coaxed her back in and blocked out the window.
And in Gabby came just to leave out the other window.

After going in the front door and leaving through the window a few more times she started to get comfortable in the castle.

We have since found out that the gift has been a big success. It is now Gabby's special place in the house. So special that it is now her royal bathroom as she continues potty training. It turns out that sometimes a girl just needs a private throne and castle in which to poop.

Well done Super Auntie!

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