Sunday, December 02, 2012

San Francisco Part 5 - Odds and Ends


Hanging out with the fishes at the Aquarium at Fisherman's Wharf and the California Academy of Science.

View from the top of the De Young Museum.

Automatic video "etch a sketch" of Chrissy and I. 

Science fun at the Exploratorium

The Walt Disney Family Museum. Simply a great well thought out set of displays. Check out this article from WIRED for more info (pics 'borrowed from the internet).

Drinks in the Starlight Room at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Our surly/awesome bartender at the Buena Vista Cafe 

I think if I was to move to San Fransico the pubs that I would frequent would be Lefty O'Douls downtown and the Buena Vista (BV). The BV is actually the birthplace of the Irish Coffee and Chrissy and I had 'a couple' of them during our stay. 

Much to our surprise there is no Baileys in an Irish Coffee - instead it's Irish Whiskey. The BV sells about 2,000 glasses a day of the drink and after a taste it's obvious to see why. And people must come back for the taste and not the friendly service. Here is an exchange that Christina had with the Bartender pictured above when I was in the washroom.

Chrissy: Can I get a spoon please?
Waiter: Why? What do you need a spoon for? Are you planning on stirring it (her drink)? Do you see anybody else stirring their coffee? 
Chrissy: I saw someone do it 2 days ago when were here.
Waiter: The whole point is to drink the hot liquid through the cold cream.

Chrissy did not get a spoon, and I laughed wholeheartedly upon hearing the story on my return.

Goodbye San Francisco. Until the next time.
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