Wednesday, November 21, 2012

San Francisco Part 2 - Alcatraz

On our second day in San Francisco we took a cruise over to Alcatraz Island for our scheduled tour. This post will mostly be pictures as there isn't too much to say. Just a real cool place.

The main cell block.

The prison from out in the 'yard'.

Walking around the island you can really get a sense of just how run down the buildings are and how rugged the landscape is. 

Remnants of past experiences on the Rock. 
The propaganda from the Native Occupation can be seen.

New 'native' occupiers.

The Golden Gate Bridge and views of the City from the island.

The cruise back to the city.

Our welcome pier back to to the city.

Alcatraz was a great tourism location. Tons of information, great self guided tour, and plenty of open space to get away from other folks and soak up the view. I really want to go back and do the night time tour the next time I end up in San Fran.

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