Monday, October 24, 2011

Lakedell Country Fair

The NHL season is well under-way, the Roughriders are done and there is an off chance of snow for the coming week. There is no way of getting around it - winter is just around the corner.

I have been putting off writing anything about my favourite event from this past summer as somehow my procrastination was holding off winter. Don't get me wrong, I truly do like winter.  It's just not as fun living in the centre of Edmonton during winter - There are no snowmobiles and inexpensive junior hockey games 5 minutes away to watch.

Anyways...This was by far my favourite event of this past summer and I will fondly remember it when I am stuck in a snowbank in 3 weeks.

Christina and I attended the Lakedell Country Fair out near Pigeon Lake the first weekend in September. The Country Fair is advertised as "Alberta's Largest One Day Fair" and as you can see from their flyer there is lots going on.
We arrived a little after noon, grabbed a couple of burgers and walked around soaking in the sights.
Christina likes this horse because it's wearing leg warmers. They are sooooo back.

As far as we could tell, this was mostly a parallel parking competition with horses.

Eventually we settled down and watched a couple of events. I was drawn to the log cutting competition and after watching a few other city slickers enter I decided to give it a go.
Overall, I did pretty decent. I was a few seconds below the average at 17 seconds but way behind the top cutter at 12 seconds. I tried to remember my Dad's words about sawing - "let the blade do the work". I typically take fast short strokes instead of the better method of longer strokes with all the teeth. In the video you can see I am cutting this one somewhere in between my usual and preferred stroke.
After my sawing expedition Christina and I decided to sit down and watch some real athletes ride perform in the greatest exhibition of man and beast of all time - Mutton Bustin'. For those not in the know, Mutton Bustin' is basically bull riding for children but instead of riding bulls they ride sheep. And it is the greatest spectator event ever.
The kids ranged from about 4-8 years old.  However, most of the youngest one's never even left the gate.  All too many of the kids were placed on the sheep in the chute by their overzealous parents before throwing a fit and getting pulled off by their now laughing parent. These kids now share the worst badge of shame ever - too chicken to ride a sheep. Those that did get out the gate are obviously the ultimate studs of the prepubescent world.

Notice in this video how awesome the kids 'stroll' back to the chute is. Pure Stud!
Exhausted from all the excitement we checked out the vendors and exhibits. I really like looking through the wood working and gardening displays. It reminded me of my days in 4-H back in Humboldt, but it was rare I ever got a blue ribbon.
As we left, I thought it was only appropriate to commemorate the great day with a souvenir so I picked up this awesome mug to impress all the people at work.
The whole day was great and Christina and I are already looking forward to next year.
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